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Our Lindsay Family

06/28/98 We just received the information on our Lindsay's. We don't have much, so we will need your help!! Please e-mail or add info to our guest book. Thanks! John

Mattie BALCH married a LINDSAY and had a daughter named Ivis Vera LINDSAY, who married Herbert Joyce SISTRUNK 1881- 1958, have a daugther, Ruby Lee SISTRUNK, 1928----, she marries Willard Wesley RAYMOND, 1924-1988, in Pasadena, CA, have a son, John Wesley RAYMOND, 1947----, marries Sharen Louise MAXWELL, 1947----

Aberdeen, Scotland

We don't have any dates, so the guess would be Simons birth date around 1790.

Simon Lindsay married to Mayhitibel Fuller

Ferry Lindsay married to Abrigill Scott

George Vernon Lindsay married to Sylvia Spenser

Vernon Eugene Lindsay was born in Williamstown, Vermont so we presume that his father came to America sometime before 1862.


Vernon Eugene Lindsay b.05/28/1862, born in Williamstown, Vermont. Married Marthette Balch b.05/19/1867 d.07/29/1945

Ivis Lindsay married Herbert Sistrunk

Ruby Sistrunk married Willard Raymond

John Raymond married Sharen Maxwell

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