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Our Sistrunk Family

The Susstrunk family history starts out in Switzerland.

Nicolos SUSSTRUNK, 1574-1607, married to Ann SHIFFMACHER, have a son, Heinrich SUSSTRUNK, 1601-1660, married to Anna STUCKI, they have a son,

Heinrich SUSSTRUNK, 1642-1693, married to Regula WINTERLIN, have a son, Hans Conrad SUSSTRUNK, 1685-1742 married to Maria GROB, have a son, Henry "the shoemaker" SUSSTRUNK, who moves to S. Carolina in 1744.

Henry "the shoemaker" SISTRUNK, 1716-1762, married to Ursula ULRY, have a son Gasper SISTRUNK I, 1749-1810, have a son David SISTRUNK, 1770-1860, married to Klorina, have a son, Gosper SISTRUNK, 1807-1869, married to Sinia JOHNSON.

Their son Henry Jackson SISTRUNK, 1834-1893, married to Georgia MIXON, have a son, Herbert Joyce SISTRUNK, 1881-1958, married to Ivis Vera LINDSAY, have a daughter, Ruby Lee SISTRUNK, 1928-1998, married to Willard Wesley RAYMOND, 1924-1988. Herbert and Ivis also have son Vernon and another daughter Vera.

Vernon Sistrunk's son Steven Sistrunk had a wonderful website up of his father's World War II history. Does anyone know where that went?

The Sistrunk Family Book

The Sistrunk Family have spent many years of research to make up this really fine book called the Sistrunk Families.

First printing in 1997, over 400 pages

Second printing 1999

Price: $35.00

New Addendum in 1999, over 100 pages

Price: $14.00


Thomas O. Sistrunk

25 Pine Lake Drive

Cumming, GA 30040


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