The Balch Family

06/23/98 We have just received information from one of our relatives. There is over 400 years of BALCH history for us to put up on this page. My mother Ruby Raymond is the daughter of Ivis Lindsay who is the daughter of "Mattie" BALCH.

George Balch b.1536 d.??? married Mrs Balch b.1538 d.???

John Balch b.1577 d.06/25/1648 from Bridgewater,S,England married Margary Lovett b.1581 d.1682

John built the Balch house in Beverly,Massachusetts in 1638

Benjamin Balch b.1628 d.01/31/1715 married Sarah Gardner b.1630 d.04/15/1686

John Balch b.1654 d.11/19/1738 married Hannah Veren b.1655 d.03/07/1738

David Balch b.10/01/1691 d.09/25/1769 married Hannah Perkins b.02/10/1692 d.01/01/1748

John Balch b.04/25/1715 d.12/31/1774 married Rebecca Smith b.10/01/1715 d.03/01/1794

Robert Balch b.07/28/1745 d.08/03/1830 married Sarah Dodge b.06/1752 d.03/16/1822

Allen Balch b.07/19/1791 d.08/28/1881 married Hebzibah Dodge b.06/30/1794 d.06/26/1874

Ezra Balch b.05/06/1830 d.09/06/1867 married Martha Nye b.1834 d.???

Marthette Balch b.05/19/1867 in Iola, Wisconsin d.07/29/1945 in Glendale, California

married Vernon E. Lindsay b.05/28/1862 in Williamstown, VT d.???

Ivis Lindsay b.

Balch Family Sites

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One of the first wood framed houses in America
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